Sunday, 29 December 2013

A video clip that caught my attention

The title of the video clip is Story of an Eagle- A very Motivational Story!MUST WATCH! It is relating the changes of an eagle in its 40th years to when we face challenges in our lives.
  • We have to make changes to overcome the difficult situation we go through in our lives
  • We must stay strong and determined to make these changes
  • we must take challenges as an opportunity to be a better person

Places I like to go in singapore

  I like to go to the Singapore Bird Park is a place where they enclose different species of bird because i had always admire birds and their ability to soar into the sky,
  I like to go the Singapore Zoo because I find it interesting observing the habits and habitat of different animal species.

about me (I)

My name is Chai Ming Hui Justin . I would like you all to address me as Justin. My hobby is playing soccer  during my free time. Sometimes I also would play basketball with some my friends. During my free times at home , I like to watch TV. I like talking to people around me.